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Ivanovden - St. John the Baptist

On January 7 we honor St. John the Baptist (Ivanovden). On this day, the Orthodox Church honors St. John the Baptist - the greatest prophet who foretold the coming of Christ. He is the patron saint of baptism and brotherhood. On this day people perform ritual cleansing with water as they believe in the healing power of water. Brides and grooms that got married this winter bathe as well as all people named after the saint and all engaged couples. On this day the newlywed couples visit the best man and the maid of honor giving them a bun, millet, brandy and wine and stay to eat. The couple also visits the husband’s brother. Ivan, Ivana, Ivanka, Vanyo, Vanya, Enyo, Encho, Ivelina, Iveta, Ivo, Yoan, Yovka, Yoncho, Yoto and Kaloyan celebrate their name day on this date. In January there are a lot of feasts that you can read about at

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