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July 20 - Feast of St Elijah the Prophet (Ilinden)

The biggest feast in July is Ilinden - dedicated to the great Old Testament prophet Elijah.
The Bulgarians worship the prophet Elijah as the master of the celestial elements – the hail, the thunder, and the lightning. It is believed that when he rides his horses in the sky, he causes thunder and fire. If people do not worship him and if they do not prepare a sacrifice, the saint can lock the celestial humidity and not let rain on earth for three years. Because of this, on this day, some big male animal is usually slaughtered - a bull, an ox, or a ram. The priest performs a ceremony and sanctifies the meal. He sprinkles holy water so that there are no periods of drought during the summer. Traditionally, people slaughter the oldest rooster.
Iliya (Elijah), Iliyan, Iliyana, etc. celebrate their name day on this date.

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Saturday 20 July 2019