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Nativity of John the Baptist (Enyovden – Enyo’s Day)

The Nativity of John the Baptist is celebrated on the longest day of the year. From this day on up to December 25 the day becomes shorter.
In folk tradition, this holiday is linked to cults of the Sun and the healing power of nature. It is believed that on this day the Sun bathes in the river or the sea, plays and goes back towards the winter. That’s why it is said that Enyo puts on nine coats and goes to ask God to bring the winter. It is believed that on this day the picked flowers and herbs have healing powers, so women get up early and go in the mountains to collect some herbs. They make a huge wreath out of the flowers and jump through it with the children as this is believed to bring health.
Bilyana, Ivet, Iveta, Denislav, Denitsa, Deyan, Enyo, Yana, Yanisa, Yanislav, etc. celebrate their name day on this date.

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