New Cultural Areas in Sofia

Friday, 30 March 2018

For the past few months, colorful cultural events have transformed Sofia. They are free for everyone and include performances at the community centers in Sofia, weekly live concerts at the Largo as well as the new functions of the libraries (especially of City Library) - presenting an author of the month, exhibitions, poetry dinners and meetings with writers. One of the newest attractions in the capital – the Triangular Tower of Serdica, also functions as a place for cultural events and exhibition. Outdoor exhibitions can be seen at Lovers’ Bridge - behind the National Palace of Culture, in Crystal Garden and in the City Garden of Sofia. At the end of March, Sofia Municipal Council decided to turn the underground complex that is part of the former mausoleum of the Bulgarian socialist leader Georgi Dimitrov into a new gallery space. The new gallery for contemporary art will be a branch of Sofia City Art Gallery.

These facilities of a past political regime located in the center of the city will receive a new function. Even though they are not part of the impressive Largo ensemble, the abandoned dungeons of the former mausoleum tell us more about Sofia’s history. The underground architecture of totalitarian regimes is also impressive and provides new spaces for art. The underground space (1500 square meters) beneath the former mausoleum will become a place for exhibitions of contemporary authors.

This part of the city center is connected with important cultural sites – Sofia City Art Gallery, National Gallery for Foreign Art, and the Largo. Sofia awaits you.