Sofia Promotes the History and Culture in the Kingdom of Spain

Sunday, 01 April 2018

As of April, 2018, a new air route connects Sofia with Castellón.

At the invitation of the Tourist Board of the community of Valencia (Spain), Sofia Municipality will participate in the promotion of 4 new air routes including Sofia - Castellón, in the period April 5-8, 2018. The Stay in Castellón event is expected to attract the interest of hundreds of thousands of Spaniards from the Valencian Community with population of over 5.1 million people. It is organized by the Tourist Board of the community of Valencia, the Province of Castellón and Castellón Airport.

For the past few years, Sofia has been welcoming more and more Spain tourists – the country is among the top 10 markets of the Bulgarian capital. Ryanair’s new direct air connection will help more Spanish tourist visit Sofia. Because of this, the first meeting of the citizens of Castellón with Sofia is very important as during their first stay in the Bulgarian capital they will get to know its rich cultural and historical heritage – the Roman city of Serdica, the achievements of the Bulgarian medieval Christian culture, the living pilgrimage traditions, the legacy of the Bulgarian kings, etc. They will also have the opportunity to learn how the preserved cultural heritage of Sofia tells of the history of Europe.