Come with us to Divotino Monastery – we invite you to the Holy Trinity Pilgrimage on May 28, 2018

Monday, 28 May 2018

God’s love and hospitality, beautiful nature and a new chapel are awaiting you in the so-called “royal” monastery.

On May 28, 2018 Sofia Municipality, the Theological Faculty of Sofia University and Sofia Holy Bishopric invite you to the second pilgrimage for 2018 to the Divotino Monastery of the Holy Trinity – one of the oldest cloisters in Sofia Holy Mount which is well-kept and maintains full-bodied spiritual life and liturgical worship. The holy place is astonishingly beautiful – another reason as of why it is visited by thousands of Christians. The pilgrimage takes place on Whit Monday (Monday of the Holy Spirit) which is celebrated on the day after Pentecost.

Today the church has a new mural decoration – part of an overall reconstruction of the cloister. There is also a newly built chapel at the entrance of the monastery – the Chapel of the Seventy Apostles.

The pilgrimage starts at 7:30 am from St St Kirik and Julita Church in the town of Bankya. After a prayer, the believers set off on foot to Divotino Monastery of the Holy Trinity and attend the Divine Liturgy in the temple of the monastery. After that the pilgrims can look around the monastery as well as attend the festive lunch in honor of the Divine Trinity.

The pilgrimage lasts an hour and a half and people of all ages can take part in it. You can reach the town of Bankya by taking bus №42 or bus №49.