Sofia – the City of Tolerance, Invests in Temples

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Every year Sofia invests money in the building and renovation of temples. The policy of supporting spirituality and faith is extremely important for a city that has more than 30 Orthodox churches, a ring of more than 20 active medieval Christian monasteries and a square of tolerance in the center where peacefully coexist temples of several religions and denominations - Islam, Christianity, Judaism…. In 2018 five churches in the Bulgarian capital are being built and reconstructed. One of them is the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church in Sofia. The construction of the building started in 2011 after the design of architect Agop Karakashyan and its construction is in the final stage. This year Sofia is also funding St. Prophet Elijah Church in Knyazhevo, St. Archangel Michael Church, the Sofia Synagogue where a heating system will be installed, and the Kremikovtsi Monastery of Saint George where a dorm is planned to be constructed where workshops with children will be held. The temples of Sofia are awaiting you regardless of your faith!!!