The Research of Sofia’s History Continues

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The efforts to study the history of the city continue. There are two archaeological sites of great importance – in Sveta Nedelya Square in the center of the city where there are several archeological layers, and on 1113 Shipchenski Prohod Blvd., where the most ancient history of Sofia can be studied. At the end of each archaeological season you can see all archaeological finds at a special exposition at Sofia History Museum. Till September 3, 2018 you can visit The Dawn of European Civilization: Slatina – Sofia, 8 Thousand Years Old Exhibition.

After having researched the Neolithic settlement of Slatina for 5 years, this year the archaeologists will finish their exploration. The construction of an archaeological park and a visitor center is planned to begin there in the autumn of 2019. The visitors will be presented with what the settlement looked like 8000 years ago. The Early Neolithic settlement of Slatina in Sofia existed in the period 6100 – 5500 BC and is one of the oldest ones on the Balkans. Its remains cover an area of about 300 decares. Its inhabitants belonged to the founders of the first European civilization. Whether the remains of "walls" there served as defensive facilities, or the whole facility had a ritual-magical function - these are questions to be answered with the completion of the archaeological season.

Sofia Municipality funds this research as well as the archaeological exploration of Sveta Nedelya Square in the center of present-day Sofia. The preservation of the cultural heritage and the messages of the generations before us is of utmost importance for Sofia. The present-day city of Sofia continues to tell the history of Europe through sites and items that you can find only here – in the residence of the Roman emperors from the period of Antiquity!