Sofia Offers a Free Mobile App: VISITSOFIA – Find it in GOOGLE PLAY Store

Tuesday, 01 January 2019

Sofia offers a new mobile app for Android devices - VISITSOFIA TOUR. This is a result of the efforts of the local government in tourism to provide guests with a variety of choices regarding Sofia. You can download the app for free and have access to over 200 accommodation and eating establishments. You will be able to explore and choose what to visit – museums, galleries, temples, monasteries, monuments and many other sights. If you want to have fun, check out and choose from over 160 sports and leisure facilities. The app also has an offline mode and thus you can still look through the sites and specially prepared routes even if you do not have an Internet connection. In the Let’s take a walk around Sofia Section you can “Feel the city’s religious tolerance”, see the “Street art in the City Center”, visit “Boyana Church and the National Historical Museum - experience the greatest mystery: time”, or go to the fabulous Vitosha mountain. The lovers of pilgrimages can choose between the Rila Miracle Maker, the Holy Protection of the Mother of God, Ascension, and the Holy Trinity.

For your convenience, the sites along the routes are marked on the map and all of them can be accessed by car or on foot. The app allows you to find information by typing keywords. You can choose whether the information to be in Bulgarian or in English. The installation of the app will give you quick access to everything that the city offers. You will be able to search quickly and easily for specific information as well as browse and select from various routes according to your preferences.

iOS mobile app version is coming soon.

Search Google Play Store: VisitSofia Tour.