The Renovation of Crystal Garden is Coming to an End

Tuesday, 05 March 2019

The installation of park furniture in the garden has already begun. There will be 43 new benches along the alleys, garbage bins will be installed, the alleys have been renovated, new lighting has been installed, and landscaping has been increased. The doe sculpture is in its old place. The restoration of the drinking fountain will soon be completed. A self-cleaning public toilet is being installed. A new irrigation system has been implemented and the top soil layer has been replaced with a new 5-cm layer of humus but the previous relief has been preserved. 11 conifers, 41 deciduous saplings, over 700 shrubs and 900 flowers, as well as hedges have been planted. The Garden in front of the Military Club was declared a monument of garden and park art in 1988 and is many people’s favourite place in Sofia. Here you can relax, visit outdoor exhibitions or meet with friends. The Monument to Stefan Stambolov is also located here.