Sofia Participated Actively at the 6th meeting of the National Board of Tourism

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

On April 23, 2019 in the Bulgarian capital was held the 6th annual meeting of the National Board of Tourism organized by the Ministry of Tourism with the support of Sofia Municipality. It was held under the theme “2019 – a Year of Domestic Tourism, Investment and Innovation”. In the first panel of the event, the Mayor of Sofia presented "Destination - Sofia. Vision for development of tourism in the capital by 2030. Congress, cultural, event, youth - festival tourism". In the second panel - "Smart City as an Engine in the Development of Urban Tourism", the Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Mr. Doncho Barbalov delivered a presentation on the subject. During the panel "Encouragement of investments in tourism and access to funding" the director of Sofia Tourism Administration Mr. Marinov pointed out the need of consolidation of the tourism industry and the necessity for cultural operators to provide information in due time to tour operators.

During the meeting of the Board, Sofia Tourism Administration and SMPIA had an information stand for Sofia, where advertising and information materials for the tourist attractions in the Bulgarian capital were presented.