Sofia is Building a New Temple – its Patron will be a Saint from Sofia

Thursday, 06 June 2019

Millennial Sofia is proud of its numerous temples and the ring of medieval monasteries, which has been surrounding the city for centuries. On June 6 – Ascension Day, in Iztok quarter, a consecration of the foundation stone was carried out and the construction of St. Pimen Zografski Temple was launched. The choice of this temple’s patron saint is deeply connected with the history of Sofia. The saint was born in Sofia in 1540 and his work is associated with the construction and decoration of many churches and monasteries in the city and the region. One of them is the Kurilski Monastery, where the reconstruction of its frescoes was funded by Sofia Municipality. Along with them, the restoration works of St. George Rotunda, Dormition of the Mother of God Temple in Kurilo quarter, Novi Iskar, St. Annunciation Temple in Druzhba 2 quarter and the completion of Virgin Mary Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church were also funded. Faith and spiritual upbringing have always been a major part of Sofia’s culture.