Sofia Visits Brussels with an Exhibition

Wednesday, 09 October 2019

The Exhibition Sofia - 140 Years as Capital of Bulgaria - a project about Sofia Municipality and Sofia History Museum, featuring twelve digital art photographs of the artist Velizar Dimitrov, is visiting the European Commission in Brussels. It was opened by the Bulgarian Commissioner Mariya Gabriel on October 9, 2019, in the presence of commissioners, MEPs, Bulgarian teachers in Brussels and Bulgarians working in the institutions. The exhibition presents St Sophia Basilica, Ivan Vazov National Theater, St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the building of Kvadrat 500 - National Art Gallery, the National Palace of Culture, urban landscapes - Sofia on the eve of Christmas, the co-existence of a medieval church and а modern commercial building. The technique used to reproduce the canvas is direct printing on cloth. This creates the effect of a painting with increased color intensity. The cultural messages of the Bulgarian capital are turning into an inspiration for creators and are becoming more and more important among the expositions around the world.